Who We Are ?

We make it our life mission to curate the coolest Punjabi T-shirts on the internet! 

Our products have been meticulously designed or chosen to ensure we only deliver the coolest products to you first. Our motto is we don't do it at all until we do it well! Everything you find on our website is a creative statement that started out as a simple idea and has been transformed into lots of never seen before, awesome stuff waiting for you to explore. 

From our custom designed apparel to our carefully chosen art creations and everything in between, we're passionate about capturing the randomness in life that often go unnoticed.

We believe that cool things should be affordable and we strive to make sure our products are worth every penny you spend on it. Whether it's a reflection of your inner goof or a one of a kind gadget that's pretty neat, anything you find on this website will be a guaranteed conversation piece. And if you happen to be in the market for some bad ass knickknacks we got something for you too!